WTB: hacked ARC-5

Jim Berry basalop at GTE.NET
Sun Jan 10 23:27:17 EST 1999

I was talking with a buddy of mine.  Back in the 50's, when ARC-5's were
real common, it was lots of fun picking them up and making all kinds of
mods.  Sure, most of them were silly, but I think a lot of fun was had
"improving" something that was superior to anything one could buy

This buddy of mine said he would like to have another one to play around
with.  I mentioned that they were getting rather hard to find, and if you
get caught hacking up one in original shape, you are likley to get "ritty

Wonder if anyone has one/some that are not in original shape.  Thing can be
pretty hacked up.  Tharashed even, because this fella is a retired "radio
mechanic" who claims he can fix anything.  Even a radio that has been worked
on by a HAMMM.  Now he said HAMMMM, not me.  I would like to see how he
would go about filling in a hole drilled in a front panel made by some guy
using a chainsaw.

Drop me a note.  I might want to talk to you about aquiring one/some, and
passing them along to this fella.

While I am at it:  Many a year ago, I new a fella who had a bunch of ARC-5
stuff that he had picked up for scrap.  These units were really thrashed.
They had been removed from airplanes that had crashed or were shot up by the
enemy.  I remember turning them around and around looking for a distinctive
bullet hole.  Can't remember now finding a bullet hole.  Some were pretty
chewed up.  I always assumed it may have been caused by flak damage.

73 Jim

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