Good AM rcvr wanted

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Tue Jan 12 00:05:52 EST 1999

Hi Gents,
I am in need of a good rather high fidelity AM receiver for the
garage/office. I am a full time college student (at the age of 31, ouch!)
and I had to move my computer desk/study room/den into the radio shack
(twist my arm honey!) which is 99.99% of a 2 car garage, sans washer, dryer,
and a '97 Mitsubishi Mirage (the nerve of the xyl wanting to actually USE
the garage!).

Since I listen to several AM shortwave stations and two local AM bdcst band
stations (I am a big Sinatra fan) I would love to get my hands on a rather
high fidelity AM rcvr. Was thinking of the SX-99 or SX-100 in case I get the
urge to copy some CW or SSB. I have a full shack, yes, but I would love to
have a nice, beutiful, glow in the dark set booming in the background.

Looking for suggestions. I do not want this to turn into a debate so pls
send me ur opinions via private -email.

Thanks and 73s for now.

Lane Zeitler

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