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Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Thu Jan 14 19:31:05 EST 1999

Heathkit IM-28 large, test bench style solid state VTVM. Untested. Powers
up. No manual. $15.00

Heathkit HD-15 phone patch. Untested. No manual. $15.00

heathkit MM-1 v-o-m. Glass is gone that covers the meter. Untested. $10.00.
No manual.

Triplett model 2590 xistor tester. Untested. No manual. $15.00.

Heathkit AO-1 audio osc. been mod'ed. Extra knob on front panel for step
atten. Some kind of weird meter added. $5.00. Untested. No manual.

Alliance U-100 controller (no rotor). Untested. No manual. $20.00

CDE Ham II rotor controller. Not the really old 60's style but the newer
70's style. Untested. No manual. $40.00

Eico model 379 sine wave/square wave generator. Works FB. Is my spare for a
spare audio osc. No manual (sorry). $25.00

Hickok model 256 RF generator. Works FB. Spare for a spare. No manual.

(2) 872A tubes. Free. You just cover UPS from 92139. Untested.

Fluke model 80K-40 HV probe. works FB. $20.00.

Simpson 10kvdc HV probe. Catalog number 00034. Works FB. $20.00

Heathkit 100X HV probe. Model number unknown. Untested. $10.00

Roller coil out of an old Henry !K amp that ran a pair of 3-400Zs. The coil
does not roll very well. The little roller thing is bent. $15.00.

B & W compreamp. Looks like it was painted to match the old S-line gear.
Brand new. never been wired or used. Untested. It is an audio clipper and
preamp. $20.00. I have the "manual" somewhere.

Some of this was bought as part of an estate. Some of it is stuff that I
have had laying around for years. Please don't haggle with the prices. I
think they are all reasonable. You cover UPS charges on all items. I am in
San Diego 92139. You send US Postal money order. I ship out upon receipt of
the $$$$.

Thanks for read.

Lane Zeitler
San Diego

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