IM-102 & RCA WV-98C FS

Keith Rowland k4kgw at MINDSPRING.COM
Fri Jan 15 16:18:54 EST 1999

Continuing the cleaning off of my groaning, overstocked workshop
shelves, I offer the following humble pieces of stuff:

Heath IM-102 Digital Multimeter.  One of the large thumb-screw round
bolts missing from the carrying handle.  Unit lights up.  Digits change
randomly.  Will read some in the "OHMS" mode.  Have neither the
equipment, solid state knowledge nor the time to calibrate this piece of
digital junk.  May have other problems--I wouldn't be able to tell!
Cosmetically nice.  If all else fails, you can put it on the workbench
to impress visitors.  Don't buy this unless you really, REALLY love
solid-state.  $50.00, and I'll even pay the shipping so I never have to
see it again.  About 7 pounds shipping weight from ZIP 30078.  Original
manual (probably worth more than the meter) included.

RCA WV-98C VTVM.  Senior Voltohmyst.  Very large meter (6 3/4" wide).
Very clean, with original probes.  New battery and calibration in late
1998.  Manual copy included.  This is a very good looking unit and works
as well as it looks.  I have 11 VTVMs of various kinds, and am having to
make some hard choices on which ones to clear out.  This was a hard
choice.  Manual copy included.

$50.00 including shipping from ZIP 30078 (Firm business
venture eating my lunch on spare time and no longer have the luxury of

Thanx for the read es 73 (or 88s if it applies),


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