Orange drop capacitors

Robert Dunn dunnr at IX.NETCOM.COM
Mon Jan 18 20:45:05 EST 1999

A couple of sources for "Orange Drop" capacitors include "Antique Electronic Supply" at and "Newark Electronics" at   Antique Electronic Supply appears to be cheaper and they sell tubes!  Newark may have your IC though.
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    From: LORNE BARBER <lbarber at>
    Date: Monday, January 18, 1999 5:15 PM
    Subject: Orange drop capacitors
    I see a lot of information on here re orange drop capacitors. Where can these be obtained. If this has been covered on here before I am sorry I missed it.
    I am also interested in a source for NE602 ic's.
    73 es tnx Lorne VE7BOX.
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