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Jeffrey Herman (WH6U) jeffreyh at HAWAII.EDU
Tue Jan 26 15:15:00 EST 1999

My error - that should have been "kc" not "Mc" in the title!

Bobbi pointed out something in an email that makes me want to
re-affirm a request from long ago. With no shore stations now
monitoring the MF CW distress freq'y (500 kc) or the 4,6,8,12,16,22
Mc HF calling frequencies, some ships (owned by countries not willing
to spend the cash for satellite comm gear for their fleet) will have no
one to hear their distress message if they encounter trouble at sea.
I know "Boatanchor Bob" keeps a spare rcvr on 500 whenever he's in
his shack; I think it's time that the rest of us maritime radio
enthusiasts make an effort to also keep a watch on 500, too,
especially those living along the coasts. A quarter-wave antenna
for 600m is more than most of us can fit on our property (apartment
in my case!) but, think of the horror you would later feel if one
of those third-world-flagged ships transmitted a distress msg within
radio range of your QTH but you had your spare rcvr turned off.

We might be the last link remaining in preventing a maritime disaster.

73, Jeff WH6U (who used to get paid to monitor 500 kc at NMO!)

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