Need Parts-- Vibro J-36

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Wed Jan 27 04:52:47 EST 1999

I love my old WW-II-issued Vibroplex J-36 Bug.
It's serial #12, recovered from the Aleutian Islands
off Alaska in 1972.  While it isn't the best-feeling bug,
I wouldn't trade it for any key in the world.

When I got it, some of the parts were missing.
The dah contact terminal had been
replaced by a rusty bolt, etc.  Vibroplex
still had replacements for several pieces.
I've been gathering parts for years and
only need two more to complete the bug.

I need the knurled screw that holds the
square speed weight in place and its washer.
One from a defunct Lightening Bug will work.

Anyone have one I can beg, trade or buy?
I do have a couple of J-36 wrecks that
have tradeable parts.

73 DE Dave Stinson AB5S
arc5 at

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