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>Hi Fello Anchorites
>I have a few items to lighten the shelves. If you have any questions on any
>of this stuff, pls e-mail me.
>Johnson 23 chan Messanger 250 (convert it to 10m AM window) This radio
>performed the last time I powered it up but the cords all need replacing
>(incl mic cord) Will clean up nice.
>$60. or trade for some needs
>Datong audio speech equilizer 639/B, nearly new in orig box. I thot I would
>need this but found a big rack mount unit instead for my am rig. Have $40.
>in it.
>SWR bridge in 19" panel w/ meter. Made by GE, Lynchburg as a prototype for
>UHF / VHF (I assume). Nice piece of equipment. Simular to Bird "T" rf
>w / N connectors. Has other stuff on it for remote or alarm. We were going
>to use it in our local repeater but never got around to it. Have $40. in
>National NCX-3 tranceiver w / pwr supply. Clean station & reportedly works
>well & retubed.    $85.
>UTC (Linear Standard) LS34 matching transformer. This is a matching tf that
>will match most any Z (600ohm thru 8 ohm, pri & sec same versatility), NOS
>in orig box, I used it once to match my Kronhite DC 50 to voice coil
>to 8 ohm) & it worked surpurbly. Super clean, super linear..... $90.  Note:
>If you can come pick it up, will toss in the Kronhite amp for additional
>$20. (hi)
>Pr of Nady wireless mics (these have 150k miles on em) with rxs, but they
>were still working when retired. ....$30. for pair.
>Gerstch service monitor mod FM-9 with lo freq adaptor chassis (digital
>display) does 30 meg thru UHF. Solid state unit of coarse. Problem? it
>doesnt work! Oh, the master osc works & is accurate. I have the service
>manual so its fixable. This is one of those times I got "stuck"! So I'm
>cutting my losses....$100. OBO, or trade.
>B&W Signal Slicer (kit) never wired. Parts are mounted on chassis but as
>new. Comes in its cabinet (cab has not been treated well)............$20.??
>Pair of JBL D-130 speaker frames. Needs reconing but frames are clean &
>voice coils & forms are all there........$100. pr
>All the above + shipping, etc. I'm looking for certain parts for a Colllins
>20V-2 transmitter (my future am tx). Terms: besides trades, cash, mo & I
>use Patty's Visa machine. I no longer will hold an item past 5 days.
>Patty & Dee's Marina, collectors of electronic boatanchors. 534 W Main St.,
>Waynesboro, Va. 22980 (540)249-3161 fax (540)249-5064

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