Grounding boatanchors

Steve Harrison ko0u at OS.COM
Sat Jul 3 12:21:32 EDT 1999

At 12:44 PM 1999-07-03 EDT, Doug Aab wrote:
>Hello all;
>I am considering the need for replacing 2-wire with 3-wire 120VAC power
>cables in some rigs I have, both with internal and external power supplies
>and am wondering what issues there are (other than cosmetics and
>authenticity) that should be taken into account.  Thanks to all for
>responding. Please post to list.

Audio ground loops. For example, if you like to do any tape recording using
a machine that runs offn 120VAC, you could build in a ground loop that will
frustrate your every effort to find, much less eliminate. I made that
mistake when I put a three-wire cord on an old cassette recorder that I
wanted to drive from the radios and the computer sound board. Finally had
to remove the ground wire inside the dang thang.

So, I'd suggest you do them one at a time, hook them up, and make sure you
haven't incurred audible ground loops.

73, Steve K0XP

P.S. I won't pretend to understand why installing simple 1:1 isolation
transformers in the audio lines between everything had absolutely no effect
whatsoever on the ground loop hum.

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