MFJ repair problems

Bob Peters soundimp at POBOX.COM
Thu Jul 8 17:46:26 EDT 1999

I  Totally  agree  here...  I  have  been  dealing  with  MFJ  for  the  past 
five  years....
We  as  hams  should  really  be  thankful  to  Martin  and  Stephen  for 
what  they
are doing  for  the  amateur  community...  A  lot  of  these  companies
are  buying  probably  could  not  make  it  alone
in  this  no  spend  money hobby....  Hams  will be  hams  and  try  and  buy 
cheap!!!!  Martin  has  filled 
the  low  and mid priced  hole  that  the  old  companies  like  Johnson Drake
and Heath  used to  have...
He  has  some  of  the  absolute  best design engineers  on  staff  to  design
a  high quality  product at a  reasonable  price...
So  what  if  you  have  to  wait a  couple  extra days  for  warrantee 
work...  Try  that  sometime  with  RCA  or  GE  folks...
I  am a  dealer  for  both...  Warren tee   in  the  US  folks  is a  thing 
of  the  past!!!!!
Anyway  off  my  bandwagon  and  keep  up  the  good  work  Martin....

Bob  K1JNN/5

At 11:27 AM 7/8/99 , Kelly Taylor wrote:
>Just goes to show that you can't please all the people all of the time,
>but you can REALLY piss off some of the people some of the time.
>What I don't understand is why the originator of this thread feels it's
>his God-given right for HIS piece of repair work to go to the front of
>the line, ahead of people who possibly have been waiting longer than he.
>In fairness to MFJ, what we don't see here is their side of the story. Is
>this an unexpected deluge of repair work? If so, it would be unreasonable
>to demand that they increase their staff to deal with a short-term crisis
>unless we are all willing to pay more for our 949Es. If it's a chronic
>thing, then perhaps MFJ should hold off on acquiring new businesses until
>they sort this problem out.
>Or maybe it's a sign that they have enough stuff flying out the door they
>feel they don't need to worry about repeat business. If so, that's a
>collision course, ultimately, with bankruptcy.
>73, kelly
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