Milled (?) Lettering in Wrinkle Paint

Warren D. Anderson wdaorcda at USINTERNET.COM
Thu Jul 8 23:56:34 EDT 1999

I'm not a military collector, but I do have a National RCE and 3 National RCP
receivers (NC-100's modified by contractors) that seem to be engraved.  On the
RCE, it looks like the engraving machine or operator lifted for a moment because
the "2" in the 2.8 mc upper band limit is partially filled with wrinkle paint.
For controls that require a reference point (AF gain, RF gain) the point has
been made with what appears to be a drill bit.  Two of the RCP's appear to have
the "labels" filled with what was white paint.

Going back to 30's technology, and maybe Fred Holnagel can help here, my ancient
Super Pro's (SP-10X and SP-110X) with wrinkle paint appear to have been engraved
and the engraving has white paint for the controls.  How was that done?!  I assume
it must have been a relatively inexpensive technique, but a step up from the
silkscreen process?

A wrinkled (possibly engraved) 73 to all who are curious about this stuff ;-),


Ray Robinson wrote:
> Hi there,

> I've seen it on ARC-5 series receivers.
> Don't know for sure how it was done.
> Always assumed it was engraved.
> Since it is 1940s technology it must be engraving or stamping.
> Can't be chemical as it couldn't get through the paint,
> with such precision.
> Probably not stamping, as there is no mark on the other side,
> and if it WAS stamped while the paint was not completely dry,
> some would probably lift off in the centres of fully
> enclosed letters/numbers (like QROPADB and 46890).
> So that leaves engraving, and it is recessed (cut through the paint),
> so it was done after painting.
> I've had some lettering done with lasers (I had a new dial made for a BC-946)
> and it looks nothing like that.
> > >If you've ever looked at the top of a Command Set
> > >receiver or transmitter painted black wrinkle, you'll
> > >notice tube location lettering in the paint.
> > >
> > >The paint seems to be "milled" or perhaps stamped
> > >with the lettering while it's still pliable.
> > >The bare chassis shows through the very fine letters,
> > >which are recessed into the wrinkled surface as though cut
> > >with a very, very fine bit.
> > >
> > >Does anyone know for certain how this was done?
> > >
> >
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