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Upon the date 12:59 PM 7/10/99 -0500, JohnJack M Iverson said something like:
>Dave, the lesson here is   do  not  "hose the chassis off" if you did get
>water in the tx, the best way is to put it (the tx) in the oven at 235
>degrees for about 1 to 2 hours. after removing it, drizzle a good grade
>of transformer varnish on the exposed windings   you will have to take
>the covers off to do this.
>a much simpler approach would be --  do not get any wound, insulated
>devices wet--   ok?
>   I shall now wait for the comments from the group.    don't hit me too
>hard..   old jack

Well, this is good advice Jack. No hits needed :)

Also, it could have been stored in a damp basement or shed and was ready to
let its smoke out anyway. Over the years moisture could have combined with
some residual acids or atmospheric pollution, etc. in the winding separator
papers and very slowly caused deteriation of the wire varnish. I've seen
this often already on other radios of similar vintage.

Regards,  Chris
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