Military Radio Disinformation Alert #1

Lee Blaske lblaske at PCLINK.COM
Sun Jul 11 18:32:40 EDT 1999

Dave Stinson wrote:

>Military Radio Disinformation Alert #1
>More and more myth and misinformation about
>historic military radios are being posted to the web.
>As an assistance to newcomers, I will post these
>alerts as the errors are identified.


>No corrective action
>has been taken and Navis Magazine
> did not send a courtesy reply of any kind.

It's very laudible to be a stickler for accuracy in these matters,
but I hope you weren't too hard on them. The site in question is
quite beautifully done (if inaccurate), enjoyable to look at, and was
definitely a labor of love for whoever put it together. They probably
wouldn't have been pleased with being accused of promulgating
disinformation. ;-)

Being personally involved in attempting to collect all the bits and
pieces from the B-29 operating position (I'm pretty far along), it
was nice to see that photo they posted of the radio position. It's
the best one I've seen yet.

I'd be pretty surprised if the site wasn't eventually corrected.
Whoever put it together is definitely interested in aviation/military
history. Their pride might be a bit injured at the moment.

It's great to have people like you keep watchful eye on these things,
though. When I get around to assembling my B-29 operating position,
I'd sure be in trouble if I tried tuning the antenna for the ART-13
with one of the Command sets. ;-)


Lee N0IZ

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