recommendations on hooking up 115vac converter

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Tue Jul 13 21:53:44 EDT 1999

Is it better to install a deep cycle RV/marine battery which I happen to
have a brand new one, quite large, around 180 amp/hr reserve, in the trunk
of my little Celica and then run the 500 watt inverter off of the deep cycle
battery? I could run leads off of the main car battery to the deep cycle
battery in the trunk.

I am not sure how the best way is to install the inverter. For now I will be
drawing around 300 watts and using a 500 watt inverter for a little
headroom. Is it okay to hook this up to the 'auxillary' port on my 12 volt
line in the car with proper fusing or should I go with the deep cycle

Eventually I would like to be able to run one of my little 572 amps such as
the sb-200 in the mobile along with the TS-830S. Of course a much larger
inverter will be used and that is why I was considering using the deep cycle
battery as the main B+ source and perhaps have it continually charging off
of the car's main 12 volt battery.

Comments please.

A "newbie" to vacuum tube mobiling.

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