More On SX-11

Bill Evans bevans at EBSYS.MB.CA
Sat Jul 17 01:36:02 EDT 1999

Mike, WB6VSE, had some questions on the SX-11 posted
on behalf of Ron, VE4KR, which I will herein comment on.

The SX-11 uses push-pull 6L6's in its audio output.
Lots of base and lots of volume.

The dial is not aluminum - it is nickel / silver with a
pointer for each band range selected.  The "X" denotes
presence of a crystal IF filter.  The S-11 did not ahve this

This receiver was initially advertised in QST during late
or early 1937 and was shown in a wooden cabinet, which is
very rare.    The unit for sale has the standard metal
with 19 " rack width.

The receiver has a "magic eye" for tuning, as opposed to an
"S" meter.  The first "S" meter appeared in the SX-16.

Ron is at (204) 339-6907.

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