Differentiating CE 100V and 200V

Don Buska d.buska at AAIATE.COM
Sun Jul 18 13:26:34 EDT 1999


Be careful in your generalizations of hams in 'southern Wisconsin'.  I
have my 100V which is prominently pictured on my webpage and which I
didn't sell to you, as you know.  I do indeed live in southern Wisconsin
and would hate to have those on the BA groups who know me and where I
live think it is me.....

As you mention it may have been CE who placed the 200V label on a later
100V when they changed over or your seller may not have known. I know
alot of 100V and 200V's out there that just float around from
swapfest-to-swapfest.  The sellers always say they worked just fine the
last time they turned them on, but if that were true I doubt the same
radios would keep making the circuit.  They are great transmitters and
usually require some work and updating to get them working properly.
Actually I'd prefer a 100V over a 200V.  So perhaps you got the better
of the deal and someday will come across a 100V carcas that you can use
the proper 100V door off of.  I bet the 100V/200V series rigs are the
most often sold radios that the seller states "work fine" when they
really don't.  I wonder why that is?

Please wait for your answer from the seller before slandering all us
southern Wisconsin hams.  You have already set up the revenge factor on
the seller with the generalization and implication of all us southern
Wisconsin 100V owners.  So stand back and take a breath and realize that
you could be damaging more reputations than the one you intended.

I hope you can rectify the situation with the seller.  I must have
missed the 100V ad on eBay.  Was there pictures?  The 100V and 200V do
look different on the insides... let the buyer beware.  Good luck
es 73

Don N9OO
A southern Wisconsin 100V Owner.

Be careful we just may beat you with our Cheese-heads ;)

On Sat, 17 Jul 1999 22:11:27 -0500, Floyd Sense wrote:

>Many thanks to all who responded to my question regarding how to tell
>100V from the 200V.   It would appear that I've been the victim of a
>whereby I purchased a 100V that was represented as a 200V.  The emblem
>the right hand front panel door that covers the chain drive identifies
>unit as a 200V.  However, ALL other characteristics pointed out by
>members unmistakeably identify the unit as a 100V.  This transmitter
>purchased via eBay from a supposedly reputable ham in the southern
>area.  I will gladly identify the person to all as soon as I hear what
>has to say.  Until then, beware when buying boatanchor gear from that
>of the country.
>I suppose it is possible that somehow late model 100Vs were shipped
>200V labels on the doors.  Somehow, I think that's very unlikely.  Can
>anyone shed light on that?
>Floyd Sense in Angier, NC
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