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Bob Maser w6tr at MINDSPRING.COM
Thu Jul 22 22:51:06 EDT 1999

I found a HRO50T and drug it home from SF.  It obviusly needed re-capping so I was able to replace all of the .1 and .01 caps.  Looks like someone has been in here before me!  There is a cylinderical object mounted along side of the mode switch in the lower right side of the chassis. It has its own socket and says "2.6" on the top.  It is wired into the rotary switch that selects the modes.  Could it be that this boatanchor radio has a 2.6 kc filter?  

Also, I got an original owners manual with the radio but manual is marked as a HRO 50-1.  What is the differences between the T and the -1?  I also got a Sam's PhotoFact sheet but it is marked as HRO 50, with no suffix.  It seems that my radio more closely resembles the T than the -1.  The front panel is marked HRO 50T.  Anybody know what the differences are between all these? It appears that the -1 has a 3rd IF amp and the T(Sam's) doesn't.  My radio seems to be missing the 3rd IF. The serial number of my receiver is 293-0445.  I would appreciate any info that would help to determine what I have.  

It came with a AA and D coil, which are gray and are the 50 type coils.  I also got a mint E coil but it is black wrinkle and has handles.  This is the only coil that produces intelligent signals from the radio.  The previous owner took the coil levers off the front because, according to him, the E coil would not fit into the opening with them installed.  Since this was the only coil that works, he made a good choice.  I assume that these levers are not needed to run the gray coils, but I do remember with my first HRO 50T back in 1958,  the levers had to be closed.


Bob  W6TR
Riverside, CA
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