Dee Almquist soundnmind at RICA.NET
Sun Jul 25 09:58:50 EDT 1999

Hi Ba Amigos
I have a Wavetek 3000 synthized (thumb switch freq select) generator that
covers 1mc thru 520mc. Just finished putting this little generator in
working condition & everything works ok. Fine calib (approx) attenuator,
strong suit is AM, onbd 1000kc / 400kc audio modulation, will do FM narrow &
wide, vernier freq on slide pot also (something like an RIT control).
Overall looks is approx a "7" & has been cleaned up so decient. I find this
unit really shines doing AM lo freq ham bands (& everything in between) but
works well thru 520mc. I also found freq will go down to 400kc & still stay
in "PLL lock". Gen uses a 40mc freq ref xtal that meets fact spec. FM also
meets fact spec. This a nice compact stable genator that is beyond most
generators found at the hamfests. Am asking $350 + shipping (includes
service book)
I will make this observation. Freq stability is good over all ranges but set
requires at least an hour warm-up. At 100mc from cold to warm, 40mc ref osc
will cause total freq drift to slowly drift from +600kc to finially -600kc.
So my final calibration will end up at near 0. Having retired from the 2-way
radio field working with IFR 1200S as my companion for years, this Wavetek
drift would be unacceptable to me. But it does meet factory spec for what it
is. So thats the reason its most accurate in the lo freq bands. But you can
modulate 5kc to check a 2m or 440 rig & the attenuator is accurate. But FM
mode stability is almost a joke compared to later digital generators. Yes
I'm critical for I still have a Wavetek 3000B on my bench & I'm spoiled. My
"box" has a tcxo freq base & the streight 3000 does not.
Any question feel free to ask.
Dee, W4PNT
Patty & Dee's Marina, collectors of electronic boatanchors. 534 W Main St.,
Waynesboro, Va. 22980 (540)249-3161 fax (540)249-5064

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