Advice on 6550s for 100V?

Floyd Sense sentek at SPRINTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 26 17:24:30 EDT 1999

I've finally resolved the multitude of problems with my recently acquired CE
100V and am now down to needing only a new pair of 6550s for the finals.  I
ordered a pair of GE  6550As from Electron Tube Enterprises, only to find
out that they are too tall to fit in the cage (not the ST envelope).  The
only other source I've been able to find today is Antique Electronic Supply
and they list the following:


I suspect the first in the list is the one I've already tried.  Does anyone
know for sure if any of the others will fit and work in the 100V?  I've
heard that some of the new 6550 variants do not work properly because of
different grid bias requirements.   Does anyone know for sure?  Where do
current 100V/200V owners purchase new finals?

Floyd Sense in Angier, NC

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