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>Hi All,
>I sent this directly to Cecil the other day and now that my email address
>change is registered, I can post it, corrected and enhanced, for everyone.
>There was a transmitting tube tester article in the GE Ham News.  It also
>appeared in their book that is a compendium of SSB related Ham News'.

If I remember right, there was also one in 73 Mag way back in the good ole
days when Jim Fisk (God rest and bless his soul) was editor. I believe it
was called the bottle tester or some such. Anybody remember that and can
find it in old 73s?? As I recall, there was some mention that this thing
could be built as something to take to hamfests to test bottles right there
at the seller's table. These days, many hamfest sites have some place to
plug into 120VAC. If you were REALLY serious, you'd lug a Gel-Cell around
with one of those 300+ watt 12VDC-120VAC inverters ;o)

Clare, I'm reposting this to the Boatanchor list at Tempe since Gene,
list-owner of the Boatanchor list at Foothill, doesn't like anything but
actual For-Sale/Trade posts on his reflector and I don't want him to ban

>have the book and can copy the article for anyone who wants a copy. It is 7
>sides.  Just send me a business size SASE, with postage for 1.5oz. (two
>stamps will do it with a little overkill).
>There is a note at the end of the SSB book article, with additional tube
>test table data not in the original May-June 1951 Ham News for the
>following:  4X150A, 4CX300A, 4-400A, 4-1000A and 250-TH.
>My address is:
>Clare Owens  N2RJB
>3539 Springwood Ct.
>Bloomington, IN 47404
>73, Clare  N2RJB

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