paralleling several dc supplies to increase I capability

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Thu Jul 29 16:54:26 EDT 1999

First of all let me start off by saying that I have added both boatanchors
groups to this e-mail because the wealth of knowledge on these two groups is
unparalleled. Please forgive me for having the nerve (or foolheadedness) to
ask a question regarding solid state stuff on the BA list.

Here is the scenario: Eventually I would like to add a solid state HF amp to
the ham shack. I have numerous Ten Tec and Astron supplies. When paralled
they should provide well over 160 amps btwn the 8 supplies. I have two sides
of the 240 in the shack so 4 supplies would be on one and the other four
would be on the other so not all of them are on just one 120 volt line.

What is the best method of paralleling and combining the outputs of these
supplies so they are all getting the same current draw? I assume I need to
ensure that the voltage accross the string of them is equalized.



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