FS: Disassembled Henry 2K floor console amp

Lane Zeitler zeitler at IBM.NET
Sat Jul 31 16:04:03 EDT 1999

This is the old, old, and original version of the Henry 2K floor console
amp. Runs a pair of 3-400Zs. 90% (maybe not quite 90% but a lot has been
removed) of the amp has been disassembled in preperation of complete
overhaul. I never got to the overhaul process though. Includes a Peter Dahl
replacement power xmfr which is 35 pounds alone, 6000 vct at 500mA CCS.
120/240 volt primary. This xmfr costs $295 from Dahl. The PS uses a dc
resonant choke for primary filtering followed by 10uF of oil filled cap.
Plate voltage regulation is excellent. I thoroughly tested the PS with a
Drake L4B.

I have used the tubes in my other 3-500 amps and they seem to be fine.
Typical 700 watts out or so from each one with 50 watts of drive with an
anode voltage of 3100 volts.

Cosmetic condx is really good, abt an 8 or so out of 10. I have the manual
with scat. I have all the parts for the RF deck and the PS. Chimneys for the
tubes, 3B28 rectifiers(?), time delay relays, etc. Evrything is here.

If you have the time it would be a great amp project to put it all back
together verifying the wiring as you go along, etc, etc.

It weighs a ton. With no packing just the amp itself weighs 154 pounds. It
would need to be shipped via several boxes, one for the power xmfr, one for
the choke which is just as heavy as the xmfr, the tubes in their own box,
chimneys in their own box, etc. etc.

I would like $475.00 for the whole package. I have to come up lots of
tuition money before August 23 and I just plain will not have this much time
to restore this thing.

Shipping is possible but will cost probably as much as the amp but it is up
to you. I can meet within 2 hours of San Diego. Sorry that I can not go
farther to meet someone.

My phone number is 619-470-6528 if you need more info. Prefer e-mail contact
though since I am not home very much. If you want, send me ur phone number
and I can call you when I am in.

It would help with estimating shipping costs if you would include ur zip
code when replying.

73s and thanks for taking the time to read this long post, HI.

San Diego

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