F/S Hallicrafters

Emile Imberman Emile_Imberman at 3COM.COM
Tue Jun 1 14:30:11 EDT 1999

       I am at a point where I have to move some big pieces and am starting with
the following:

                                       1- SX101A (Very nice, except for one of
the small shafts that broke just behind the knob on lower right side . Works
good otherwise)
                                                             (The knob is ok and
waiting to be re-attached with new piece of shaft)
                                       1- SX101A ( This is either a parts radio
(use for the little shaft for above) or can be repaired to work OK. Has a bad
tube, I think and
                                                              could use some
cleanup and TLC) I had planned to get the shaft from it for other SX101A  and
part out the rest.
                                       1- HT32    ( Transmitter in OK shape.
Previous owner repainted cabinet and looks OK. I have not used it so I can only
go by what he
                                                              told me.   I have
however powered it up and seems OK. )

       All 3 pieces and manuals -    $390.00 .   This stuff is too heavy to
ship, but I will arrange to meet within reasonable proximity of Dallas,


Emile_Imberman at 3com.com       or

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