R390A FS

Charles Hugg chashugg at EARTHLINK.NET
Wed Jun 2 01:32:45 EDT 1999

I have a nice 67 EAC R390A for sale. It has the meters and top and
bottom covers. The front panel in clean and the knobs are good. Looks
like they have been touched up at one time, but not a bad job. It
appears that all modules are 67 EAC except the power supply. It does not
have a manufacture's name on it.Serial # stamped on the back of the
cabinet is Electronic Assistance Corporation # 6051. The cont. # is DDAB
05-67-0015. The receiver did not come with a front name tag, but I
acquired a 1960 EAC name tag.
This one has the Captain Paul Lee SSB mod installed. I have heard that
this is suppose to be the best SSB mod. The installation work is  good,
but you still have to turn down the RF gain on loud signals.
I have an article explaining how to correct this problem that I will
include along with a copy of the Captain  Lee mod in January 1968 CQ.I
do not have a manual. The receive chasis could use a good cleaning. The
tuning mechanism,both KC and MC, is very smooth.It has been cleaned and
lubed.Price is $450 plus shipping, or I can deliver to Hamcom .Charlie,

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