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Wed Jun 9 20:19:54 EDT 1999

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>From: Brad Hoskins <Brad.Hoskins at>
>I have two questions. I just recently acquired a Crosley BC654-A Military
>Field radio that is in excellent condition. I am a ham with a lot of
>experience getting these old 'boatanchors' to work. On your web page you
>describe the radio as follows:
>Receiver/Transmitter, 2-6MHz, AM/CW, 13 tubes, Rx VFO, Tx VFO or crystal.
>Requires 6 and 500 VDC. Part of SCR-284.  <m13.html>
>1. where can I find the pinouts for the external power connector for this
>radio. I have looked at the schematics and see a round 8 pin connector that
>includes various voltages in addition to the two listed above.
>2. If in fact this radio only needs the two voltages listed above, how can I
>find out what the max current load would be when supplying this radio with
>power. This would help me design the correct supply.
>I realize that you might not have the answers to these questions, but I
>thought you might know someone who would.
>Brad Hoskins

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