AM BC Transmitters for SALE

Dennis Jones K6RCL at AOL.COM
Sat Jun 12 10:38:01 EDT 1999

1 ea  Collins BC AM transmitter model 300-G
power output 250-300 watts, condition very good circa 1950.
size is 29 1/2 deep x 41 wide x 78 high in inches. 240 vac single phase,
weighs  approximatetly 1370 lbs. Thats with all the transformers in and front
door on, 6 meters on front panel on this guy.
Class B modulators, feedback system using a pair of 810's in push pull to
give high level audio output, high fidelity. CLEAN UNIT
price $1275.00

1ea  Gates BC-250-GY, same specifications as above, but about 1100 lbs, and
uses the 810's in the   modulator and PA system, has seven meters. on the
front panel 240 vac single phase as well. Very clean unit.
Price $1275.00

lea  Gates BC-1-T, this is very easy to convert because it has BIG rotary
Inductors in the PA, the same size, as the above units, uses 833's in the
modulator and a pair in the PA, running about 1000 watts of     carrier, but
with high low switch 1000 or 250 night time, or any combination of power, and
high level quality audio hi-fi.  Also 240 vac single phase, 60 Hz.
Price  $1995.00

lea Collins 820D-2, this guy is still being used across the country, it uses
5-500a'sin the modulator, and a pair in the PA's, runs 1250 watts and can be
configured for high/low power as well, daytime/night time, 1000/250 etc.
this guy I will  probably keep, it is solid state except for final tubes.
this one weighs in at about 1000 lbs and is 26 deep and 36 wide and 72 inches
Price would be  $4800

Bear in mind that I am selling these BA's for what it cost me cost plus,
transportation and fuel and motel rooms along the way. Also it is best to
drive up or over and look at them.

        Dennis  Jones  K6RCL
        641 Colfax Court
        Goleta, California 93117

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