(fwd) Re: Why Repaint ???

Al Dolgosh al.dolgosh at HAMRADIO.ORG
Wed Jun 16 21:40:12 EDT 1999

I have repainted a lot of equipment - but only for the reasons that Keith mentioned
- when it REALLY needs it!

I, too, have seen repaint jobs that may as well have been applied with a coarse
house painting brush - and off-color because the painter had picked up something
"close" at the local Walmart.  Let's not confuse the issue of refinishing with the
issue of terribly poor workmanship.  If a cabinet is in REAL need of refinishing,
then special effort should be taken to assure a near-perfect job.  This is not a
chore for "amateurs", if you'll pardon the use of the expression.

A great refinishing job can turn a poor specimen into a valuable, good looking
piece of equipment.  A few scratches don't warrant complete refinishing which will
probably lower the appeal and value of the equipment.  Please don't condemn
refinishing without putting some limits around the need and the quality of the

Al - K8EUR

kk5fe at gs.verio.net wrote:

> At 03:29 PM 6/16/99 -0500, Emile Imberman wrote:
> <SNIP>
> >       I have a Ranger that has some scratches. I didn't put them there,
> but I
> >don't worry about it because it is 'ORIGINAL'. No one has resprayed it,
> etc.  It
> >works well and to me it has a lot of character.
> <SNIP>
> I have to say that statement sums it all up!  I have repainted cabinets
> before, but only because they were in need of rust removal.
> The rest have character.  I almost repainted my NC-173 because it has a lot
> of scratches. Then the more I looked at it, the more I could almost see the
> people before me staring at the dials trying to tune in that distant
> station.  I know it sounds weird,  but I can look at them and tell that
> they have been used for what they were meant for.  Each one has a little
> history behind it.  Some of which I will never know.
> 73,
> Keith,   KK5FE

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