measuring meter shunt resistance

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Fri Jun 18 15:57:43 EDT 1999

At 08:47 PM 6/17/99 -0700, you wrote:

>Is there a simple way to accurately measure the low resistance of a current
>meter shunt? I am trying to get my plate current and grid current meters
>calibrated and I need to verify the values of the shunt R but the Ip shunt
>is less than .3 ohms and the Ig shunt is less than 1.6 ohms. My Fluke 77BN
>is of no real help at these low values.

Gonna be tough to do accurately without additional gear. A good
differential voltmeter and a know voltage source would work. If worse
comes to worse, you can drop it in the mail to me with the stamps for
return postage and I'll put it on the Leeds and Northrup and drop it
back in the mail to you. It'll measure the resistance of the two test
leads of the Fluke 77. I measured mine. :-) Measuring thousanths of
an ohm is not a problem.


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