F/S F455Y-40 Filter

Jim Strohm jstrohm at TEXAS.NET
Mon Jun 21 14:21:27 EDT 1999

Hi gang

Normally I don't reply to myself, but I've had a pretty good response for
information on these filters.  I'll do my homework and post to the list
as soon as I can.

I'd like to stress (some more) that these are NOT exact replacements
for original or NOS parts.  These are newly designed replacement parts that
Rockwell saw a need for in the repair and new equipment marketplace.

So if you're in the "restore like new" business, this won't hurt
you a bit.  In fact, it may even help you, because there are
thousands of nice but non-original Collins (and other) rigs out there
that could benefit from a new filter -- or better, give up a functioning
filter to benefit a more restorable specimen.

As I said, I have no financial interest -- I'd like to pass along
information so that moer of us can have more affordable nice rigs.


>Bob Peters uttered thusly...
>>Above filter F/S  in  original Box...  This  is  the  AM  filter for  the
>>75S3  and  3A...Solder in....

And I replied....

> An FYI -- you can now get new electronically compatible replacements
>for many Collins filters from Rockwell at a fraction of that price.
>No, they're not physically identical and they won't turn a CCA 8
>into a CCA 10, but they can revive an illin' filter-challenged rig.
>I don't sell these, but if you email me I'll see if I can pass along
>a dealer contact.  That's easier than calling the price police.

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