Information on CV-1694 SSB Converter, Part 1 of 2

Rob Dunn dunnr at IX.NETCOM.COM
Tue Jun 22 08:59:26 EDT 1999

> I've got a Hallicrafters Manson Laboratories div crystal filter, P/N
> D-100-019-006, about 1.5" x 2" x 4". Were the filters similar
> to this? Been wondering what it might have been for?
> If you find a circuit, I've got some 455.00 kHz crystals, but I wonder
> if it needs exactly 455 kHz, or a variable oscillator. Separate LSB and
> USB filters? If you have a signal generator, you might try feeding that
> into the external BFO in to see what freq and signal levels it wants.
> John  KK6IL


Good question.  You filled in more information then I have been able to find
by associating Manson Labs with Hallicrafters.  My filters have a "FL
479-000-1/2 series number on them with the -1 and a -2 for the two different
sidebands and are approx. 1.75" x 1.75" x 3.5" so the are not the same as
yours but similar in size.   All I have been able to find is what other list
members have told me and what I found on the Mil List and that is that this
is part of R-1279 Apollo Program version of the R-390A that includes two
synthesizers for the MC and KC oscillators and the CV-1694 SSB converter.

There is not much information on the net about Manson Labs/Laboratories.

I would very much like to obtain a 455 kHz crystal.  I am convinced that a
455 kHz crystal oscillator with a trimmer will be the easiest and most
stable solution to a source to feed this beast.

Since I have sent out my previous post a list member has offered me a copy
of his manual, I meanwhile am too curious to wait and have started to trace
out a schematic.  This CV-1694 is a work of art, all point-to-point wiring
on turret stand-offs and feed-thrus, ceramic sockets and wafer switches,
full interstage shielding on the chassis.  A dream to trace and
troubleshoot. More on that to follow as I trace this thing out.

Thanks to all list members that have responded so far.  Your willingness to
share knowledge and experience is large part of what makes this such a great
avocation. Still haven't heard from anyone that has actually got one of
these running yet, hope to though.  If not I will let you know what I figure


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