Tek 547 Manual FS or FT

Nolan Lee nlee at GS.VERIO.NET
Sat Jun 26 02:38:47 EDT 1999

I was rooting around looking for something else and found an
extra copy of a manual for a Tektronix 547 scope. I bought this
copy from Dean Kidd about ten or twelve years ago and and it's
now surplus to my needs.

It's Dean's typical quality and was originally for a high SN
scope in the mid 11,000 range. As a result, it covers the production
changes and differences from the start of production up thru the
mid 11,000 range. It also has about a dozen extra sheets at the
end that cover other production changes and part number changes.

It covers operation of, repair of, and alignement/calibration of the
547 scope.

For a total of $24.00, it can be yours, delivered via Priority
Mail within the US with tracking. If you're someone that I've had
favorable dealing with in the past and you want it, give me a holler
and I'll drop it in the mail to you ASAP. Or, if you happen to have
any of the stuff that I'm looking for and have listed on the wanted
page of my Redneck BA site, let's swap!

It's got a few smudges, some coffee drip stains, and the binder I
put it in looks like hell, but it's intact, very usable, contains no
blood stains or bullet holes and does contain all of the knowledge
of the ancients for you to keep your scope up and running...

thanks in advance,

Hello, Boss? If it is all the same to you I won't be coming in to work. The
voices told me to clean all the guns today...

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