List Server upgrade status...

Wed Mar 3 09:27:17 EST 1999


The new upgraded list server is running hot, straight, and normal.  This
morning I got a report from it of several addresses removed from the list
due to bad accounts...automatically!!  This is set for 100 error messages in
a 4 day period.  I figure, if 100 messages bounce there is certainly
something wrong on the other end...or if nothing can get through in 4 days

Changes you'll see...

Not much if you just like things the way they are.

The Archives 'appear' to have search capability however they don't yet.
After doing some close reading I see that I have some learning to
this feature could take a while longer to turn on.  If you try it right now,
it will fail...don't bother telling me about it at this point.  Of course
you can get a sneak preview of what a search will be like.

On the Collins list I'll soon turn on a feature some of you will like.
We'll have some set 'topics' like FA, FS, WTB, TECH, CCA, etc.  You will be
able to filter your mail from the list to only certain items.  It is
controlled by the subject line.  If the person puts FS:bladebladebla in the
subject and you have your filter set for FS and TECH you will get this
message.  I'll post some detailed info on how it works on the list and on a
web site.  If it works well on the Collins list I'll expand it to all of the
lists.  Of course, if you don't turn on the filter you'll get everything.

For the first time I can ever recall an upgrade did exactly that and never
flinched.  Heck, I didn't even have to re-boot!!!

Have a great week...



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