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>March 4, 1999                            filename: nss0304.txt
>Merle Parton,
>In case you don't know the latest developments at NSS,
>let me update you.
>NSS was decommissioned in early 1996.  The sole remaining
>facility employee is John Schorpp, the antenna man.
>The towers and transmitter building are scheduled to be
>demolished by September 1999.  There has been an
>appropriation of $4.2 million to demolish the site and
>convert it to a wildlife preserve.
>There is a group of people, including John Schorpp, and
>now me, who learned of this development only this past
>weekend, that want to stop the demolition and convert
>the site to a museum of VLF radio technology.
>As a member of the Antique Wireless Association, I wrote
>a letter to its president last night, citing the few facts I
>know, and asking what it might be able to do to aid this
>venture to convert to a museum.  The AWA operates a
>large communications museum in Bloomfield, NY, just
>south of Rochester NY.  It has ties with the Smithsonian
>There is a public hearing in Annapolis March 8, 1999.  The
>time is 6:00 p.m. of the Lowe Office Building.  That's all
>the address I have.  I have handwritten directions to it that
>John Schorpp handed out at a hamfest we attended this
>past weekend.
>John Schorpp has asked me to ask you to consider putting
>a notice of this meeting on the NSS Web page.  I know
>this is short notice, and there isn't even a complete address,
>but let me give you my name and phone number:  Pete
>Sypher, 301-601-2711.  I'm going to the meeting.  I'm going
>to spend time and effort for this cause of converting the
>site to a museum, even though the chances of this being
>realized are slim, in my estimation.
>73, let me know what you think about all this.
>Pete Sypher

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