NC-183D question

Doug Hall kf4kl at IPASS.NET
Sun Mar 14 22:07:37 EST 1999

Hi All,
   Today I picked up an NC-183D with the original manual. I bought the
receiver from the original owner, and a close examination after I got
it home revealed that under the dust is an NC-183D that's as close to
a new one as I'm ever going to get. This is a really beautiful
specimen - no dings or scratches, all knobs correct, dials nearly
perfect - just absolutely beautiful inside and out.
   I noticed that there were two line cords coming out of the rear
panel, so I removed the bottom cover to see what the 2nd cord was for.
Turns out the previous owner added a "Dampp-Chaser" at some point. It
looks like it belongs there, but it's not shown in the manual. Was
this a common mod?
   Anyway, here's my question. On the inside of the bottom cover,
written in what looks like red pencil (or maybe a red grease pencil)
is the following:

RG #3129

RG #3323

Does anyone have any idea what this might mean? I thought it might be
some sort of factory modification or service info.
   The previous owner claims that the receiver has been stored in his
closet for over 25 years, and that he used it with a Johnson 500 prior
to that. It certainly has not seen much use, from the looks of it.
Everything's original, so a re-capping is in order, but I'm really
looking forward to getting this old girl powered up.
   I feel like a kid at Christmas...
Doug Hall, KF4KL

P.S. The manual for this receiver is in such good shape that I've
decided to scan it and produce a .PDF file. If you're interested in a
copy when I'm done, drop me a note.

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