Plastic knobs, fungus and cleanup

Nigel Holmes 03 9626 1914 fax 03 9626 1917 HOLMES.NIGEL at A2.ABC.NET.AU
Fri Mar 19 10:26:57 EST 1999

        "Bakelite" products also seem to be susceptible to this
        discolouration. I don't know if it is a fungus or a chemical
        reaction/breakdown caused by time & humidity. Bakelite is a
        thermoset made mostly from urea formaldehyde & supposedly inert
        fillers - they could breakdown with age on exposure to moisture &
        air. Some Knobs used Celluloid - nitro cellulose - which
        definitely deteriorates with age, I don't think anything restores

        In restoring old telephones I've had great success with Kitten
        number 1 and number 2 car polishes. Have brought a fantastic
        mirror lustre to black, fiddleback brown and cream bakelite

        Someone suggested toothpaste as a polish - my efforts were all
        disasters leaving the surfaces matt and streaky.

        One danger with Kitten is the silicone oil in them. Keep silicone
        oils away from switches & moving electrical contacts (pots, var.
        caps) at all costs. An tenacious insulator is the last thing you
        want on switch contacts.....

        Nigel VK3ZNQ

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