RBL Rcvr - What's it worth?

Al Parker anchor at COASTALNET.COM
Sat Mar 20 09:13:03 EST 1999

>Recently bought sight unseen what I thought was a National NC-100 and
>when I got it, it turned out to be an RBL.
>What is an RBL worth if one were to sell it? Appears to be complete,
>don't know if it works, needs to be restored.
HI Dave,
        I guess it depends upon which RBL it is, (RBL-??)  I have an RBL-3, which
I offered for sare last week on only one reflector, I think it's properly
priced, particularly since it is in good working and cosmetic condition:
        here's my post---

  I went thru this one last summer, and it works & looks fine, after much
cleaning, recapping, new dial plastic.

Wells Gardner RBL-3 VLF Regen. Rcvr
 almost identical to National RBL-5
  I believe Nat'l did the design, supplied some parts, for the Navy to
procure the rcvr from other sources
covers 15 - 630 kc in 6 bands
all original knobs
It weighs about 70 lbs, so add shipping and packing
It is stout, so should travel well
$95   incl. manual copy

I'll probably be at the Raleigh, NC 'fest in Apr., a fairly big one, and at
Kinston, NC this Sun., if that helps for pickup by someone coming this way.

Al, W8UT
New Bern, NC
Boat Anchors appreciated here
anchor at coastalnet.com

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