BoatAnchor Manual Archive update.

Kenneth D. Grimm, K4XL grimm at LYNCHBURG.NET
Sun Mar 21 15:29:59 EST 1999

New manuals keep appearing on the site, thanks to all of you out there
who are willing to share your collections with others.

Recent Additions:  National Universal SW3 from Steve Johnston, WD8DAS,
Elmac ESS-3 S-meter for PMR-7 from Mike Dinelli, N9BOR, Collins 51S-1
Service Bulletin 2 from James True, N5ARW, Eico 950B Resistance,
Capacitance Comparator Bridge from Brian Bailey, W4OLF, National SW-54
from Harold W. Deppe, NY7Y,  Hallicrafters S-19 manuals from James Cain
and James Lueck, SR-46A schematic from Steve Johnston and a full NC-300
manual from Peter Wokoun, KH6GRT.   Also, the Waters Rejection Tuning
unit for the Collins KWM-2 from Jim Miller, N4BE, Stancor 20-P
Transmitter from Norm Hall, W6JOD, the users manual for the Dow Key TR
switch DKC-TRM, the revised Issue 3 manual for the Hammarlund SP-600
(missing the schematics to be uploaded soon) from Gottfried Ira, and the
owners manual for the Heath HD-15 from Norm Tremper, WA2TBY.  Thanks to
Larry Johnson, K7LJ, for the National NC-303 manual, the NC-300 vhf
converters,  the Johnson Viking Valiant and Matchbox series and much
Hammarlund HQ-180 documentation.

Think good thoughts about all of these folks who are making BAMA

All of these manuals plus many others can be downloaded without charge
from BAMA.  If you have a manual that you would like to share, please
upload it.

Ken K4XL
grimm at
BoatAnchor Manual Archive - or

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