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Ed Tanton n4xy at MINDSPRING.COM
Mon Mar 22 22:12:14 EST 1999

Hi George... get one of the large HP 608-D or 'F sig gens at a hamfest from
someone who looks like you can believe him... in perfect condition (for
something as mature as these are) they ought to be under (maybe even WELL
under) $100... they are big enough that most sellers would just as soon not
haul them around. But they have the frequencies you need, and a calibrated
signal level out... plus modulation if needed.

I can also recommend HIGHLY my friend Bob Garcia, who-along with another
friend: Allen Bond (WB4GNT) does a good bit of surplus sales. Bob absolutely
guarantees everything he sells, and has extremely reasonable prices. I am
certain Bob will have a reasonably priced sig gen... though probably not the
'608... it's a real load to carry to hamfests.

You can reach him at Allen's email address:  <mgs at> . Allen handles
the fiberglass sales (new, many sizes & shapes) as well as vacuum variables,
etc. etc. and Bob does the test equipment. I have a beautiful commercial
model HP8640-B signal generator I got from Bob.

Also, they both sell surplus RACAL RA6790s: one of the best rcvrs around-and
for (relatively) reasonable bucks. You can call Allen and see what sig gens
they have, and how much at: (770) 973-6251 before 10:00PM EST.

I hope this helps.

72 / 73  Ed   N4XY
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