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Tue Mar 23 09:26:57 EST 1999

At 12:22 AM 3/23/99 -0500, you wrote:
>True enough John... he couldn't do the lower IFs-you're absolutely
>correct-my bad!... it's a fine old sig gen but wouldn't do for Drakes... I
>forgot about that lower end being so (relatively) high. But he can ask the
>guy I recommended (or whoever he picks to buy from) about it, and
>specifically point out the need for a 50kHz signal. I think even my HP 8640B
>doesn't go that low-in fact... my BC-221s don't go that low. On the other

I think what you guys are hitting all around is the HP 606A/B generator.
It covers from 50 kHz to 65 MHz.  It's a great generator for HF work, has a
terrific attenuator, (if someone hasn't inadvertantly used it as a dummy
load,) and is plenty stable.  It's bigger and heavier and hotter than the
8640B, but has no phase noise and is about 1/10 the cost.  The "B" has
provisions for the external phase lock box, but the basic unit is more
stable than the receivers we work on so not a problem.  The dial is more
than accurate enough, for those who remember analog dials and how to
interpolate!!  Just watch out for crispy crittered attenuators...


Garey - K4OAH
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Garey - K4OAH
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