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Tue Mar 23 20:07:24 EST 1999

Hi guys...

On the topic of Archives on the Tempe lists, I'd like to give you an early
tool that you can use right now.  It's not web based yet...that's going to
take a while...but will happen.  What I'll now show you is e-mail based.
You send a request to the list server and it will e-mail you back a list of
post numbers and dates that match your search item.  You then send yet
another post to request the exact message text. (or you can use the date it
gives you and now hit the monthly Web archive)

Even when the Web search is working, this feature should also.  And, since
many people on the list have e-mail only this is usable for them also.


Here is how it works: (the example is for the Collins list...adapt as

You send a message to listserv at  Remember, you are making
your request to the list server and NOT to the Collins you address
it to the server.

In the body of the message you type something like the following:

search collins resistor in 30L1

This "search" is looking in the "collins" list for the words "resistor" and

The server will return the first 100 messages that match with the dates and
a little detail about the post including the date it was posted and a number
for the post.  You then have two choices: go to the Web archives or send
another message to the server requesting the messages by number that look
like the posts you want.  If to many come back add more key words to it to
narrow the search.  This is something you can play with and can't hurt
anything...except maybe your mail box quota if you aren't careful.  I
haven't messed with it much yet myself yet.

The returned text will look something like this:

> search collins resistor in 30L1
-> 324 matches (only the first 100 will be shown).

Item #   Date   Time  Recs   Subject
------   ----   ----  ----   -------
000098 97/01/31 08:54   46   Re: My 75A4 mod -- any good? [via LSMTP - see]
000181 97/02/20 06:09   58   Re: KWM-2/2A Service bulletins [via LSMTP - see]
000196 97/02/28 08:40   18   30L1 relay question [via LSMTP - see]
000215 97/03/06 10:41   20   Resistors [via LSMTP - see]
000227 97/03/14 11:03   24   30L-1 Interlocks
000231 97/03/13 13:08   23   30L-1 Interlocks
000234 97/03/14 12:43   28   Re: 30L1 relay question [via LSMTP - see]
000364 97/04/01 06:26   26   Too Much Voltage From 516-F2


To order a copy of these postings, send the following command:

GETPOST COLLINS 98 181 196 215 227 231 234 364

>>> Item #98 (31 Jan 1997 08:54) - Re: My 75A4 mod -- any good? [via LSMTP -
A pretty soft mod, since the pinout was the same as the original and he just
changed a bias resistor or two.

>>> Item #181 (20 Feb 1997 06:09) - Re: KWM-2/2A Service bulletins [via
LSMTP - see]
that this rig needed SB-8. The problem was that pin 1 of V16, which has a
2.2meg resistor, a .047 cap and a bus wire to pin 2 of V15 (AVC rectifier),
was not soldered. No solder at all. Clean as the day it was built over 25
years ago. The resistor and cap wires were wrapped on pin 1 of V16, but
the bus wire was just shoved thru and left hanging. The thing could be

>>> Item #196 (28 Feb 1997 08:40) - 30L1 relay question [via LSMTP - see]
considered placing a diode across the coil but it already has a 2 K parallel
resistor that should adequately handle the stored charge in the coil and the
-170 V supply has a 10K load resistor (according to the schematic) so it



And like it says would then send a message to
listserv at and in the body put:

GETPOST COLLINS 98 181 196 215 227 231 234 364

of course entering only the numbers of the messages you want.  You'll get
them all nice and neat just like a digest message.

REMEMBER - you are ALWAYS addressing these messages to the listserv at listserv  and NOT collins at

Good luck, and I'm working on a web page to explain this in a little more
detail and of course be available if you forget how it works.  Meanwhile,
you might keep this post and give it a try.



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