[MilSurplus] BC-746-B TU's

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Fri Mar 26 20:14:53 EST 1999

Upon the date 11:59 PM 3/24/99 -0600, Sheldon Wheaton said something like:
>Hello Christian and the group,
>This is my first posting to this interesting group.
>The BC-746 is the tuning unit for the SCR-511 (BC-745 radio, a.k.a.
>"horsie-talkie" or "pogo-stick"), or as the signal corps referred to it:
>"the Guidon Set" (since it was originally intended to be carried by
>mounted calvary like a Guidon flag).

Hi Sheldon and group:

Ahhh, now I recognize the radio. The BC-746 part threw me as I couldn't
find a reference in my usual places. I had known of the BC-745 and SCR-511
numbers from pictures and ads from the surplus outfits in old-time
magazines. "Pogo Stick" was the moniker the ads seemed to most often attach
to them. Seems Fair used to sell them years ago. Can't quite recall for
sure though.

>The bottom of the radio unit opens up to allow the BC-746 to be plugged
>in.  An interesting feature is the "psuedo-braille" type bumps on the
>nameplate, which allow an operator to determine the TU channel number
>in total darkness.  Each TU contains a TX and RX xtal, oscillator coil,
>and transmitter tank circuit coil, as well as a tank circuit tuning

Handy way to tell which channel. Evidently, only 14 channels were used as
the space on the label has room for 14 "bumps".

Thanks for the information and help in ID'ing these TU's. Another gentleman
from one of these lists bought the lot.

Regards,  Chris
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