Wanted, HRO-50T1 manual

Christian Fandt cfandt at NETSYNC.NET
Sun Mar 28 20:49:20 EST 1999

Upon the date 05:07 PM 3/28/99 -0600, Jeff Anderson said something like:
>Received yesterday a manual for this receiver from
>a well-known manual supplier (who shall remain
>nameless).  Guess what!  I paid $16 plus shipping
>and received a copy of a Sams Photofax!

Hmmm, could there have been a staffer at that company who grabbed the wrong
HRO-50T1 item off the shelf? Did you ask if that happened yet?  Just a

How about J. W. Puett?
Puett Electronics, PO Box 28572, Dallas, TX 75228
Tel: 214-321-0927  and: 214-327-8721 (fax machine picks up after 4 rings)

Last I dealt with him (approx 2 yrs ago) I bought an HRO-60 manual
xerographic copy (kinda nice one too). Actually, i spent approx. $160 on a
big stack of manual copies and other tech info I either had been looking
for for years or was simply interested in having it. Reasonable prices too
(no, I have no interests in his company :) My catalog from him is still
packed away from our recent move or else I'd grab it and check for the 50T1
tonite ("Now, where the heck did I put that <fill in space> anyway?" is a
real common expression around this house for now :)

Also, check out this ARRL webpage for a list of manual vendors if you would

>Am looking for a copy of the REAL manual.

If you really want original then Puett is out. However, if he's got one,
that will certainly get you going 'til you do find an original. That's
exactly why I bought the xerographic copy of the HRO-60 manual from him. In
a little while I'll be asking the list for parts from a junker or whatever
to restore my HRO-60. So get your -60 spare parts organized folks, I'll be
asking soon :)

Regards,  Chris
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