Marco Ciocca marco at PA.UKY.EDU
Tue Mar 30 14:44:16 EST 1999

A couple of week ago, after attending a  hamfest, this followed me home:
Aircraft receiver AIR-O-EAR  ( I couldn't  pass it up, with a name like
this  :-)
Model 711-WN
The dial indicates coverage in
LF (200-400 kHz)
SW(1.6 -5 MHz)
VHF(108-130 MHz)

On the bottom there is a  label with the seller address (Nova-Tech Inc.,
1721 Sepulveda Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA), the tube lineup (12AX7, 12AU6,
6BJ6, 12DT8, 12BA6, 12BE6, 50EH5), and model and serial #  (Model 4b,
serial # 130).

The controls are off-on-volume, tuning, band switch and squelch.

The am band seems to work ok, the others I don't know yet (I am a little
afraid of adding external antennas to
AC-DC sets like this one).

Does anyone have any info on this receiver (date of manufacturing,
schematic, alignment instructions)?
Thanks a lot!
Marco Ciocca                            KF4URS
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy  marco at pa.uky.edu
University of Kentucky                  Lab: (606) 257-2761
Lexington, KY 40506-0055                Fax: (606) 323-2846
http:// www.pa.uky.edu/~marco

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