Help Identifying a Tube!

Dick Blaney wb8mhe at BRIGHT.NET
Sun May 2 00:57:13 EDT 1999

    Hi Keith,
Sounds like a UV-199.  The UV-199 is a very common early triode, not
unlike a 30, but with a 3 volt filament.  The UX-199 is the same tube
with a different base, and long pins.  The pinout is also different,
but otherwise the tube is the same.  I have both, and the UV- looks
like a miniature 6V5 GTB, with flat bottom pins about 1/8 - 3/16 "
long.  The bulb is usually very heavily silvered on the inside.  The
UX, however, looks odd.  It's base is the same size as an 80 or 45,
but the bulb is still that small diameter.  The base has very thick
walls.  The way I remember the difference is that the UV has "VERY"
short pins, while the UX has "EXTRA" long pins.  ( This holds true
with all of the UV-UX tube types, as far as I know).  The UV-199 can
be used to replace the UX-199 with an adapter, but not the other way
around, because of the larger diameter base.  Hope this gives you
somewhere to start looking.
73 de
Dick, WB8MHE
wb8mhe at

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From: Keith Heitzmann <kk5fe at GS.VERIO.NET>
Date: Sunday, May 02, 1999 12:03 AM
Subject: Help Identifying a Tube!

>Hi All,
>Well I have a tough riddle I hope someone can help with.
>I have an old one tube regen receiver (looks 20's 'ish)  The problem
is the
>tube is bad.  I only have a description to give you!  So here goes.
>The radio is a battery set first of all.
>The tube is a small tubular glass envelope that has a bayonet base
>four small stubby pins.
>The inside dimension of the socket is one inch across. The tube base
>measures about 15/16ths across.  The tube height is three inches.
The only
>identifying marks on the tube is the word "GLOBE" stamped on the
>envelope.  There are no numbers.
>The radio itself looks like it is a manufactured radio and not a home
>but again there are no identifying marks on that either.
>If anyone has a clue as to what this tube may be, please email me
with the
>news!  Also, if anyone thinks I can sub it with something else let me
>that also.  If the latter is a possibility and you need more info on
>components of the radio itself, I can supply that.
>Thanks for any help!
>Keith,  KK5FE
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