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Bill Cotter bcotter at POP.UKY.EDU
Mon May 3 16:42:01 EDT 1999

                  Test Equipment For Sale

1) HP-5314A 100mHz Universal Frequency Counter/Timer combines
excellent performance and traditional HP quality. The
general-purpose counter delivers high-quality measurements for
applications in production test, frequency monitoring,
telecommunications maintenance, and service. Functionality
includes 100 MHz frequency range, period, 100 ns time interval
resolution, ratio, and totalize measurements. Easy-to-use front
panel display, control buttons, functions, and reliable
measurement of a variety of signals. The light weight and compact
size makes the HP 5314A especially suited to field and portable
applications. Excellent condition $125

2) General Radio 1608A LCR bridge is an instrument capable of
precise component measurements with a base accuracy of 0.1 %.
Capacitance, inductance, resistance and conductance are
measured at 1kHz with the internal oscillator. The component
value is displayed on a mechanical-digital display. The
measuring ranges are: Capacitance (serial or parallel) 0.05
pF to 1100 µF in 7 ranges. Inductance (serial or parallel)
0.05 µH to 1100 H in 7 ranges. Resistance (serial) 0.05 mOhm
to 1.1 MOhm. Conductance of 0.05 LV to 1.1 mS, AC or DC
(20000 MOhm... 0.9 ohms). Comparison measurement and quality
factor (Q) measurement. Very Good condition. $175

3) General Radio 916A Antenna Impedance Bridge capable of
accurately measuring R+jX components of complex impedance.
Once a standard tool of the broadcast engineer's toolbox.
This bridge finds it's utility in designing single or
multiple element arrays, measuring mutual coupling, 
designing impedance transformation networks, measuring 
RF components, etc. Very Good condition. $275

4) Paco Z-80 Signal Tracer with a 1X to 1000X range
attenuator, internal speaker, transformer connections,and AC
wattmeter. The magic-eye-tube indicator is bright. Good
condition $25

5) Eico 950B Resistor-Capacitor Comparator Bridge. Measures
10pF to 5,000mF, leakage current and breakdown voltage. The 
magic-eye-tube indicator is bright. Good condition $25.

6) Simpson Model-260 VOM in good condition $30

Thanks es 73 Bill N4ALG
bcotter at pop.uky.edu

 Bill Cotter, N4ALG             E-mail: bcotter at pop.uky.edu 
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