Heath weather station and other items FS

Ken Simpson W8EK at FDT.NET
Mon May 3 20:18:07 EDT 1999

For Sale:

Heath ID-1290 weather station.  This one has the analog dial.  It
has one temperature sensor, and I do not have the wind sensor
for it.  $ 18

Heath IP-27. It is a low voltage power supply, fully adjustable from
about 0.5 Volts to 50 Volts. It also has current limiting that is
built in and adjustable from a couple ma up to 1.5 amps. There is also
a nice large meter for measuring current or voltage. The supply is
"floating", so can be used for either plus or minus supplies. It is
the "Heath Brown" color. Manual included.   $ 100

After getting all of the pieces of the SB-101 that I parted out  a
couple of months ago taken care of, I find that I have one part left.
The black dial portion that goes on the front of the LMO, and holds
the 2 lamps.  This is not the actual dial part, but the black
background for the 100 kHz part of the dial.  It includes the bracket
that attaches this mechanism to the top of the LMO.  $ 5

I also have the following Heath manuals available. All are in good
condition, and all are originals.

GH-12 A Hand held microphone $ 4
HDP-21 Desk Microphone  $ 4
HDP-21 A Desk microphone  $ 4
HD-1416 Code Oscillator  $ 6
HD-15 Hybrid Phone Patch   $ 7
HN-31 "Cantenna" Dummy Load  $ 5

IO-103 Five inch scope $ 12

GR-2000 TV Set $ 12
GR-2050 TV Set - Five book set $ 20
GRA-2000-1 TV Clock $ 3
GRA-601 TV Clock $ 5
"Troubleshooter" meter that was part of many of the TV sets.  $ 5

Prices do not include shipping from Florida.



Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
E-Mail to W8EK at fdt.net
Voice Phone  (352)  732-8400

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