FS TBS-50D, R-390A, HW-16, HG-10B

Henry H Eckman hhe at GWI.NET
Thu May 6 08:36:42 EDT 1999

Good Morning,

I have as nice a TBS-50D as you will find forsale.   I have had it for several years but never used.  Has complete set of tubes (807 final, pair of 6L6 modulators, 6AQ5 drivers, etc.), repo operating manual and service bulletins included.  No VFO or PS.  Perfect front panel including all knobs and meter.  Few minor imperfections on cabinet, not noticeable beyond arms length.  $150.

R-390A built by Stewart-Warner, S/N 25.   In working condition.  Has very nice front panel with correct knobs and both meters.  Minor paint scars on top and bottom edges.   Has top and bottom covers, both of which are scared.  Has all the filters and all the correct tubes, except the rectifiers which have been replaced with the solid state modification as described in the TM.  Complete Technical Manual included.  Pickup or professional pack and ship from zip 04011.  $375.

Heath HW-16.  In working condition.  Very nice cosmetics.  Large tuning knob replaced by black fluted National.  Needs off-on switch.  With original manual.  Companion Heath HG-10B VFO.  In working condition.  Very nice cosmetics.  Original manual.  Both units,  $190.
Separately only if  HW-16 sells first.

Above includes packing but plus shipping from southern Maine, 04008, except as noted.

   Henry, WlLVW
     Since 1957

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