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hello the following items are for sale

see them at:

 1.  gonset communicator IV two meter am transceiver in very
     good shape. front panel is very nice and clean. front
     trim ring has a few minor chips. case and chassis are
     clean. receiver works however the dial cord needs to be
     restrung. tx is untested. no manual $75

 2.  zenith am bcst receiver 5 tube design in fair to good
     condition. works ok but audio is distorted somewhat
     at very low volume settings but ok when turned up.
     some muck-n-dust. nice looking, clean up super $20

 3.  rca vhf low receiving preselector/preamp. 30 to 50 mhz
     on 47 mhz now but easily moved. solid state. requires
     +12 vdc. rca phono in/out. $15

  *** vhf low band preamp/preselector/reciever both $25 ***

 4.  rca vhf-lo fm receiver in good condition. 30-50 mhz
     range on 47mhz now. good for ten or six meter fm. unit
     is solid state. 19" rack mount with tilt out door for
     maint access. self contained w/110vac power supply $20

  *** vhf low band preamp/preselector/reciever both $25 ***

 5.  motorola vhf-lo power amplifier in very good condition.
     uses 8560 conduction cooled tube (approx equiv 4cx250r
     in specs). includes good/tested tube. require very low
     drive and is on 47 mhz now. easy to move to 6 meters or
     10 meters with more effort. 2nd pix shows pa tube and
     silver plated tank. partial schematic included. with
     extra pa tube (2 total - good). probably mod this unit
     for any freq between 3.5 to 250 mhz. rf deck only $85

 6.  divelpro inc model asi-212 automatic station id
     this is a cart machine that uses a endless loop cart
     (broadcast). in fair to good condition. it is very
     dusty and has been sitting 20 years. no rust. it is
     untested and as-is. has one cart. ham am ??


 7.  amcor model 4300 tape cartridge unit. used as auto id.
     this is a cart machine that uses a endless loop cart
     (broadcast). in fair to good condition. it is very
     dusty and has been sitting 20 years. no rust. it is
     untested and as-is. has one cart. missing some buttons
     and head cover. ham am ??


 8.  heath electronic home study on digital electronics.
     9 sections in 2 binders. with several 33 rpm records.
     looks all original and complete. $25 or bo

 9.  andrew 1/2" heliax coax connectors. nos un-opened.
     a. qty 2 l44u uhf female $20 pair b. qty 2 l44p uhf
     male $20 pair c. qty 2 l44n n female $20 pair d. qty 2
     l44w n male $20 pair (web pix shows uhf female)

10.  various bird slugs, all are in very good condition.
     a. 500d 200-500 mhz 500 watts $40 b. 100e 400-1000 mhz
     100 watts $40

11.  potter & brumfield 1029-27e122 octal sockets with screw
     terminals. great for relays or tube bread board
     project. new old stock. 2 for $5

12.  pair inteli-modem for baudot and ascii. used for TDD
     modem (tel com device for the deaf) but copies 60 baud
     RTTY pretty well. with manual. mod for rf use $20 pair
     *** USABLE FOR TDD ***

13.  various mercury wetted relays. clair hg-s1064, clair
     hg-s1058 and hamlin equiv. all high speed and NOS but
     only one in box. others have some dust and scuffs from
     sitting on shelf. 6 available. $5 each (w/nos socket)
     great for ba cw keyers !

14.  kings kn-89-72 lightning protectors. coaxial with bulk
     head mount and n female connector. appear to be silver
     plated. used up to 960mhz at 350 watts. works great
     for ham hf/vhf/uhf. new in bag. $20 each

15.  meter in good condition and working. lcd digital dc
     to 200 volts. very nice includes panel mount. requires
     5-12 vdc for power $15.

16.  boonton radio co 505-8 6 db attenuator pad. 50 ohm.
     n male in with bnc out. mil #cn-1174/u used/good $5

17.  h264/prr9 military headset (earphone) nice shape/works.
     includes coiled cord, behind the ear holder and plug $3

18.  military tube socket test adapters.  one for 829/5894
     style tubes and the other for 2c39 style tubes. they
     convert to common octal. could be used with any tester
     (you figure out switch settings) pair $15

all plus shipping thanks 73 tom

see them at:

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