RCA HF Command Set Radio- Time Frame

David Stinson arc5 at IX.NETCOM.COM
Fri May 7 10:25:48 EDT 1999

I'm trying to date this Navy RCA AVT-23 transmitter,
since several have shown-up lately.
A kind gentleman who found the RCA manual says
there is no date in it anywhere.

The AVT-23 is a 4-channel aircraft HF command radio.
With an 815 in the output, it hasn't the power
to have been a liason radio.  It would have been
a peer to the ATA, ATB, ARC-5 and ARC-2 Navy HF command radios.

To the best of my knowledge, no new HF command radio systems
were ordered by any US air arm after WWII.  HF was and
still is in use for liason service, but they'd pretty
much settled on VHF for command radios.  There were
plenty of HF systems already in stock to handle spares for
the existing aircraft.  Moreover, the AVT-23 is built with
similar parts and construction techniques to the
AVT-111, AVT-15 and AVT-112 transmitters first built
in the mid to late 1930s, with the exception of its
autotune feature.  Autotune dates before WW-II.
Therefore, I deduce that this transmitter
is probably mid to late WW-II production.

Does anyone else have another insight?

73 DE Dave Stinson AB5S
arc5 at ix.netcom.com

p.s. I found a source for connectors, guys.

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