Still looking: Parts for LTV G133F rx

Tom Norris badger at TELALINK.NET
Fri May 7 17:49:01 EDT 1999

Still looking for a parts for my G133F receiver.

Have pretty much found everthing but a set of top and bottom covers.
Anyone have a set lying around they can part with?

Also need a source of the inobtanium "Deutch" connectors to mate
with the connectors on the back. Similar to an Amphenol MS or 97,
but "push on". When these receivers were actively on the surplus
market were there ever any of the mating connectors around?

( similar sizewise to the "size 10 shell" amphenol, probably my best bet
would be to replace the original connector, but I really hate doing that. )

I found one person with the matching panadaptor, seems Fair Radio
had them years ago back when I could not afford them. He wants to
keep his, but are there any more out there that anyone wants to get
rid of. The pesky things want 400Hz AC to power them so surely
if you have one it is just in the way and I will gallantly offer to take it
out of your way. :-) Bear in mind I am cheap. heehee.

Just figured I would ask one more time.

73 all

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ANY and ALL Contributions Welcome.
 Tom Norris KA4RKT
 badger at        Nashville, Tennessee, USA

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